Matchplay is when each school takes their top 5 golfers and match each golfer against one from a rival school. Play is typically done in pairs of two. Each golfer is tasked with beating whoever they are playing for that round. Scoring is a bit different than usual. Whoever wins the hole with in the matchups will win one point rather than the score relying on stroke differential. The best of the 5 matchups will determine the winner between the two schools.

In the first round of competition, the 2-seed Swedes were matched up against 7-seed Sterling. Defending KCAC Champion junior Ida Lihufvudh was done by hole 14 with a 5-point victory. Freshman Elin Kennborn finished won her match up with a 4-point victory. Fellow freshman Brooke Norman would clinch the team victory with a 3-point win. Junior Alyssa Cardenas got the pass and the win as Sterling did not have enough to field a full team, so the Swedes would win this matchup 4-1.

In the semifinal, the Swedes would face off against 6-seed Friends. Lihufvudh and Kennborn would dominate their matchups with 8-point victories. Junior Devorah Urea would "seal the deal" with a 5-point victory. Norman narrowly escaped with the win in her match as she won by 1 point, but the Swedes would advance to the finals with a 4-1 victory over the Falcons.

In the final, the Swedes were set to face the top-seed Kansas Wesleyan. This match would go down to the wire as Ida Lihufvudh and Brooke Norman would each win their matchups by 4 and 2 points respectfully. Cardenas and Urea were unable to take their matches, so it was down to Elin Kennborn to finish it off. Kennborn and her rival Abby Donovan, last year's freshman of the year, were tied off and on all the up until the final hole where Donovan was able to pull through and the Swedes would fall 3-2 to the Coyotes and return in second-place.